Coming Out of Left Field

Monday, June 13, 2005

How to ensure a good night's sleep

1. Wake up early Saturday, shower, get dressed for Pride, and run out to the store for pain au chocolat.
2. Come back to the house, drive down to the subway, park the car, and take the subway downtown.
3. Meet some friends in Back Bay for a hearty brunch of souffle, macaroni salad, and pain au chocolat.
4. Walk out of the apartment, find a good spot on the sidewalk, and spend an hour in the heat watching and cheering on the parade. Remark on presence of religious organizations and random plumbing and electrical companies.
5. Say goodbye to friends, get back on the T, and go back to the car.
6. Dash into the house, grab a few things, and head over to a local temple for a relative's bar mitzvah.
7. Once the service is done, go back to the car (eating a piece of challah on the way), and go back to the house.
8. Pack up, drive down to in-laws' house, shower and get changed.
9. Drive back into Boston for dinner and party following bar mitzvah. Meet many, many, many in-laws that not even the wife sees more than once a year. Try to remember all names and faces, fail miserably.
10. Leave party, drive back to in-laws' house, go to bed.
11. Wake up next morning, shower, get dressed, and go to post-bar mitzvah brunch. Meet cute kids, take lots of pictures.
12. Go back to in-laws' house, start first of two loads of laundry.
13. After nap and checking on laundry, run out and get groceries.
14. Fold laundry, flip through Sunday Globe, have dinner, thank in-laws for allowing us to spend another night in air conditioning.
15. Watch ballgame, cheer as Sox beat Cubs.
16. Collapse.


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