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Friday, June 10, 2005

The packing paradox

Here's a problem I've been having lately: my wife and I have a lot of stuff to pack. What I would love to do is free up enough space in the study so we could put empty boxes and bins in there, ready to be filled. However, in order to free up space, I need to deal with the things that are occupying said space, and the only way to do that is to either throw them out, recycle them, or get them off the floor somehow. Since there's only so much shelf and table room available, and since we do want to hang on to some of the things, that means putting them in boxes and bins, which would be fine except that I don't have anywhere to put *those*, which was the whole point of cleaning up the study in the first place.

I guess there are a few ways to handle this:

1. hope that one of our housemates moves out, freeing up another room to put stuff in (not likely)
2. hope that our current landlord gets a sudden urge to add another room on to the house (even more unlikely, due to a rapidly-approaching closing date, the proximity of other houses, and the landlord's recent transition to fatherhood)
3. juggle boxes, bins and stuff from one area of the house to another until we can start moving things into the new apartment

Looks like option 3 is the way to go. At least we're giving ourselves the entire month of July to move, so we don't have to pack everything all at once. Besides, there's a wedding that first weekend, and we're not missing that for sure. :)


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