Coming Out of Left Field

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tuning in

I always enjoy listening to Sox games on the radio. It's even more fun when the team wins:

Red Sox 5, Indians 2

Cheers for Wakefield for pitching darn well (aside from giving up two homers) and winning one game out of the Cleveland series. And kudos to Mirabelli and Bellhorn too, for bashing back-to-back homers.

(I was about to say that I saw those homers, but realized that the only place I saw them was in my head. Which is not something I mind, actually. Though television has some advantages, I enjoy listening more than watching. The radio folks, by and large, stick to calling the game, while the NESN announcers are often too busy talking to special guests or making jokes to notice what's happening on the field. If I really need to see the homers, I can always turn on the 6 p.m. news.)

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