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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fantasy baseball update

It's just after midseason, the Red Sox have fallen out of first, and I'm entrenched in third in the EA fantasy league, thanks to hitting slumps and inconsistent pitching (for both me and Boston). I don't know about Theo, but it's time for me to do some tinkering.

Dropped: D. Roberts (OF), C. Floyd (OF)
Added: A. Jones (OF), C. Utley (1B/2B)

Roberts and Floyd are expendable, since my starting outfielders are all doing well and neither player can play any infield positions. Now I can put Utley in at second, move Figgins to shortstop and make Phillips the utility player, allowing me to shift my three least productive batters on the bench.

If nothing else, I'll probably win the "most transactions by an owner" category. Too bad it's not worth any points in the standings.

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