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Monday, July 18, 2005

NH by the numbers

Some stats for this weekend's activities:

Hours spent driving to and from New Hampshire: 6

Number of family members (including soxfan and soxfan's wife) in NH this weekend: 9
Age, in years, of relative whose birthday we celebrated: 80
Number of original birthday poems read: 2
Amount of hamburgers, hot dogs, and pieces of cake with ice cream eaten by all: Lots!

Number of pictures taken with new digital camera: 24

Number of cows grazing in field near where we stayed: Between 10 and 15
Number of insect bites incurred while taking pictures of said cows: Approximately 20

Number of summer stock shows seen: 1 (Disney's Beauty and the Beast)
Number of actors who appeared onstage as the Prince: 2
Number of actors listed in the program for the Prince/Beast: 1
Number of audience members confused by the above: At least 1

Number of copies bought of the sixth Harry Potter book: 1
Number of times soxfan has already peeked at the ending: Once. No, twice. No, er ...


You peeked? YOU PEEKED????? Blasphemy!!!!!

If you really peeked, and fully understand all that happened, check out this post on vile activity. If you're not sure you really know all the details, don't go there yet. You can go to the post, just don't view the linked video.


I won't go there just yet -- trying to be good.

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