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Thursday, July 21, 2005

The postal credo

One probably has to have a lot of faith to be a postman. Well, at least our postman does. His religion has only a single commandment, but an important one:

Thou shalt end thy shift with an empty mailbag.

The postman, taking this commandment to heart, seems to have formulated two rules:

-- Make sure all letters end up in a mailbox or a mail slot, even if this means placing a letter addressed to X in a mailbox labeled for A, B, C and D.

-- Ignore any and all letters that require mailing, even though said letters are properly stamped and addressed.

The postman seems to feel that as long as he follows those two rules, some mysterious force will take care of the rest. (This is where the faith comes in.) The postman at our new apartment seems to be a fellow believer. When we went over the other day to drop off boxes, we found some forwarded mail waiting for us, plus a letter addressed to the upstairs neighbor, who has been living there for ten years.

I probably can't do anything about letters going out, but maybe if I put the neighbor's address on our mailbox, I can ensure we get all our mail.


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My mail lady is great as well. Somtimes we get a piece of the neighbor's mail. That happens very seldom.

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