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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

TV roundup

Some notes on what we've been watching lately:

The L Word
One of our housemates borrowed the first season DVDs, so we took the opportunity a little while ago to watch the pilot. After seeing it, the one word that kept coming to my mind was "choppy". The episode felt as if the editor had randomly diced and sliced the footage, tossed out any shots that lasted longer than 30 seconds, and shuffled the remaining bits around. My wife remarked that the movie "Go Fish", which as it turns out was also directed by Rose Troche, had also driven her crazy because of all the cutting.

I think it didn't help that the writers tried to cram a ton of plot into one two-hour episode (the Bette and Tina pregnancy attempts could easily have been stretched out over three or four episodes), and for some reason the episode chose exposition over demonstration. If Dana and her friends hadn't mentioned she was a tennis player, I never would've known. (I also never would've guessed that Jenny wrote very intense stories, and I still have a hard time believing that someone that naive and wishy-washy could.) Maybe in future episodes the dialogue will complement the action instead of replacing it.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (Red Sox)
We saw this at a friend's house the other day. It was fun, though very over-the-top at times -- Carson K. was particularly, er, unsubtle -- and had some rather blatant product placement. (Our host apologized afterwards for not warning first-time viewers about the cheesiness.) The five of us who watched agreed that some of the players actually looked better before their makeovers. Fortunately all the Sox seemed to take everything in stride (with Johnny Damon doing a moonwalk when introduced in his new togs), and the kids' team featured in the episode were the recipients of new uniforms, equipment, and funds for repairing their hurricane-damaged field.

Best line of the episode: Carson K., to a kid looking for baseball shoes: "And could I also show you something in a sensible pump?"

2005 All-Star Game
We caught just enough of the game to see all five Sox players, who aside from Manny acquitted themselves well, and some nifty moves from the Baltimore double-play combination (Brian Roberts and Miguel Tejada). The occasion also marked the first and probably last time I cheered for A-Rod. Wonders never cease!

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Glad you finally saw the Queer Eye episode. We've been saving it on the Tivo for you.

Yep, we caught it while you were out of town. From the looks of it, you have more than enough to do before school starts.

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