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Monday, July 04, 2005

Weekend events

Another busy weekend for us, thanks to all sorts of things. Saturday afternoon, we went to the wedding of Rogue Slayer and The Girl. It was a perfect day for getting married: the weather was gorgeous, the food and the music were great, and both brides were absolutely glowing. RS's sister led a very touching ceremony, one which brought tears to my eyes a couple of times, and laughter a couple of other times. Between the talk and the dancing and the simply glorious experience of seeing two friends getting married (and legally!), we found it hard to tear ourselves away.

The rest of the weekend was more boring, but necessary. We did a couple of runs to the new place to drop off boxes of books, and picked up some more boxes so we can keep the process moving. One plus about having to move is that we've taken the chance to do some organizing. When I moved into our current place, I basically clumped my titles together, and aside from some obvious groupings (baseball, film, theater), they were all in a mishmosh. Hopefully, once we've unpacked and gotten some more shelf space, we can put sci-fi in one spot, children's fiction in another, and so on. Then they'd be in perfect order -- at least, until they started propagating and spreading all over the place. Books abhor a vacuum.

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