Coming Out of Left Field

Monday, August 29, 2005

Ice cream, ice cream, we all scream for ... fizzy flakes?

The good folks at MIT have invented a new method of making ice cream -- or, at least, what they call ice cream:

MIT crew churns out ice cream with sizzle (requires free registration to read)

"CAMBRIDGE -- Like many great scientific discoveries, Teresa Baker's breakthrough in MIT's grimy Cryogenic Engineering Laboratory last October was punctuated by a memorable exclamation of victory. She raced upstairs from the first-floor lab and announced to her fellow graduate students: ''I made ice cream, come down and eat it!"

Baker's work involves liquid carbon dioxide, bulky stainless steel cylinders, heat exchangers, and vanilla ice cream mix, and it may change the way ice cream is made in the $20 billion-a-year industry. For consumers, the novel device could popularize a new type of frozen dessert that combines the chill of ice cream with the explosive fizz of soda pop."

I have nothing against fizz per se. But when I want bubbles up my nose, I'll order a soda or a seltzer. I'm also not sure how well the flakes will go over. It would be pretty darn hard to eat a cone filled with flakes instead of cream, and somehow not as satisfying.

Good thing they aren't experimenting with gelato too. Then I'd really be in a bind.


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