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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

"Katrina" relief

RenaRF on Daily Kos has compiled a list of organizations accepting donations for relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Rather than duplicating the list (which seems to have been updated since I first saw it on Easily Addictive), I'll link directly to the post instead:

Hurricane Katrina disaster relief

I couldn't decide between the American Red Cross and United Jewish Communities (the Red Cross will probably do a large part of the relief work, but will surely attract a large part of the donations as well), so I think I'll end up sending something to both of them. If you have the resources and the desire to give, please do the same, for those or any of the other organizations listed on DailyKos.

Update #1: turns out there is another way you can offer help -- by providing temporary housing for those deprived of shelter by the hurricane. This morning (9/1), set up, and a group of Louisiana professionals has created Operation: Share Your Home. Now I wish that we'd moved earlier -- maybe that way we'd have a spare bed or even a couch in the living room to offer.

Update #2: Found a link (via to the National Youth Advocacy Coalition, which has joined with other groups to set up a LGBT relief fund.

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Cool Blog, I never really thought about it that way.

I have a Hurricane Katrina blog. It pretty much covers hurricane related stuff.

Thank you - and keep up the thoughts!

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