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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Literary letter

Dear Ms. Rowling,

Not fair. Soooooooooo not fair.

I wish I had some Veritaserum so that you'd have to tell me everything you're planning for Book #7. Either that, or a time-travel machine so I could snag an advance copy.

Barring the sudden appearance of either, I'll have to spend the next several months in a state of tortured suspense, whiling away the time in endless speculating, obsessive surfing of HP-related websites, and compulsive revisiting of Books #1 through #6 in an effort to guess what on earth will happen next.

Which is exactly what you planned, isn't it?

Damn, you're good.



P.S. Don't worry about making me wait a year for #7. I made it through the Red Sox-Yankees playoff series last year, so I can survive anything.

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its terrible isn't it? two years to wait!

*Two* years? Not just one?

Hmmm. Maybe I need to get that time machine after all ...

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