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Friday, August 26, 2005

The Paris experience: arrival

Getting to Paris was more complicated than we would've liked. Club ABC Tours, which we booked through, didn't have an option for leaving from Logan Airport. Instead, we could do either JFK, via Air France, or Newark, via Air India. (A pretty clear choice, even if Newark/Air India was $100 cheaper). We ended up driving to my wife's brother's house on Saturday afternoon, which left us enough time to drop off the car and grab a quick bite before catching a cab to the airport.

Apart from being long and somewhat turbulent, the flight was fine. We watched Madagascar, which was cute if not particularly memorable, read, and tried to sleep. The nice thing about going with Club ABC was that once we deplaned and got our luggage, a representative was there to meet all the members and ferry us to our respective hotels (in our case, the Hotel de Castiglione in the 8th Arrondissement).

The overnight flight left us with just enough energy to dump our bags and find a bistro to eat. For dinner we chose to sit outside, upon which some mischievious weather spirit decided to greet us with a proper Paris storm.

Lesson of the day: an awning doesn't offer that much in the way of rain protection, especially if your table is positioned right under the part where all the water collects.

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