Coming Out of Left Field

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"Duh" moment

This belongs under the "can't see what's right under your nose" department ... during the drive to western Mass. last Friday, we stopped at a McDonald's for a break. I was waiting in line at the ladies' room when the woman behind me struck up a conversation about the last Harry Potter book. For the next few minutes, everyone had fun speculating whether So-and-So is really dead, whether another So-and-So is really evil or secretly good, etc.

Later on, back in the car, I was thinking about the talk and how enjoyable it was -- and also how out of the blue it seemed. Odd, I thought, that she would just bring it up like that, without any way of knowing that I'd even heard of J.K. Rowling.

Then I happened to remember that I was wearing a T-shirt saying "Harry Potter" on the back and "Quidditch Gryfindor House Team" on the front.

Have I mentioned I can be quite oblivious at times? *shakes head at herself*


Ooo - cool shirt!

Thanks! It was a gift from my wife. She has good taste. :)

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