Coming Out of Left Field

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Happier happs

Among the troubling state/country/world news, some very small but good things that have been going on:

-- Almost all our books are unpacked and off the floor. Another bookcase or two, and we're there. That is, if we don't buy any more books before then.

-- The wife's niece turned 16, so we had a nice little family get-together in NH last weekend. There was a nice dinner of chicken and veggies, followed by cake (with seven types of ice cream available as toppings), presents, and a fireworks display. OK, so the fireworks were actually across the lake, but it felt like it'd been planned for the occasion. Afterwards, back at our own house, we were lucky enough to see a little bit of a meteor shower.

-- While in NH, we also saw the Mt. Washington Valley Theatre's production of "A Chorus Line", which featured some excellent dancing and wonderful voices. The wife and I agreed that the playhouse does need to fix its acoustics; lots of people singing different tunes + piano + keyboard + drums = a lot of lovely-sounding words that can't be understood at all.

-- The TV reception is bad at our new apartment, so we've just had cable TV installed. Right now, even though we asked for the basic package (just the regular network channels), we're receiving Nick at Nite, Comedy Central, etc. also. Not wanting to risk arrest, I called the cable company, and they're sending a technician on Friday. For once, I hope he takes his time about showing up.

-- Last but not least: the Sox are four games ahead of the Yankees. Go Sox!


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