Coming Out of Left Field

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Happy birthday, blog

My blog is two years old today. In lieu of stats about posts, pageviews, etc., here are some random numbers describing some of the stuff that's happened during that time:

Number of same-sex weddings attended: 4
Number of same-sex weddings I was a part of: 1
Number of in-laws gained by said marriage: 15 just in the immediate family, plus countless first cousins, second cousins, etc.
Number of months being happily married: 16 and counting!

Number of hours spent moving into current apartment: too many
Number of books that needed to be moved into said apartment: way too many
Number of books available for us to read: never enough

Number of film school classes taken: 5
Number of additional classes I need to graduate: probably 8, not including thesis credit work
Expected date of graduation: hopefully within the next decade

Number of Super Bowl games won by the New England Patriots: 2
Number of World Series championships won by the Boston Red Sox: 1
Years spent waiting for the Sox to win the World Series: 10 for me, 2 for the wife (lucky her)
Odds that the Sox will repeat this year: after last night's loss and the Yankees' win, too close to call


Happy 2nd Blogday! :)

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