Coming Out of Left Field

Monday, September 19, 2005

School stuff, continued

Spent most of this afternoon working on a different (simpler and hopefully better) idea for my film project, which came to me in a recent dream. Yes, in a dream, which never happens. I remember moving the camera and the lights around, telling the actor whether she should be sitting up or lying down for such-and-such shot, and checking the script to make sure I was getting all the footage I needed. The dream was so vivid that when I woke up, my first conscious thought was, "But we don't have a couch." Fortunately there is one where we'll be really shooting, though I think I'd rather take over a spare bedroom instead -- less chance of breakage, more room to maneuver.

Anyway, the idea is now a script, which I will run by the wife tonight and e-mail to my advisor for approval. Knowing how slow I write, I should probably start thinking about ideas for next semester. I won't even think about Screenplay I -- that would make my Muse up and go on strike right now.

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