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Friday, September 16, 2005

School stuff

This weekend, in between our social obligations, I should work some more on my final film project for Production I. When I went to see my advisor the other day, he actually hadn't gotten around to reading what I'd sent him five days earlier (grrrr), so he just read my one-paragraph treatment and told me that it needs fleshing out. Even though I do have a longer script, I should probably take another look and see where I can expand on things. I also need to find a cast and crew and nail down the shooting dates (hopefully I'll need just one day) so I can reserve equipment. And next time I'm down on campus, I may have to go to student services and order a new ID card, since mine has gone missing and without it I can't use the Steenbecks or the sound transfer room. All this is going to mean missing some work and/or juggling my schedule so I don't spend too many time away from the wife.

I was thinking of all this when the advisor brought up future plans, and I told him I would like to do editing for my thesis credit. That was fine with him, though he did point out that I'd be at a disadvantage in finding directors to work with, since they wouldn't necessarily know me:

Advisor: "So you may want to consider directing your own thesis film."
Me (out loud): "Yes, I'll keep that in mind."
Me (to myself, thinking of all the time and money and stress involved): "Noooooooooo ... I don't think so."

Let someone else have the glory and the headaches of being in charge. I'll be very happy with some footage and a splicer, thank you very much.

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