Coming Out of Left Field

Monday, September 26, 2005

Techie term of the day

From Wikipedia:

Skywave: "a radio wave from a distant radio station (or rarely, a TV station) that is refracted in the ionosphere. It brings in distant stations at night as clear as local stations."

I was prompted to look this up because of an experience with this Friday night, while going to Western Mass. for the weekend. We'd been listening to WEEI's broadcast of the Sox-Orioles game, which was randomly interrupted by static as we got further and further from Boston. At a certain point we lost the signal, and the driver searched for another station that was covering the game. She eventually found one that was broadcasting Orioles baseball. For the rest of that trip, we listened to the Baltimore station, chuckling at the incongruity of hearing ads meant for people 400-odd miles away.


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