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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Damn the director!

Work on the film project continues. I spent about five and a half hours (split up between yesterday and today) making a rough cut. It was a long time, and not exactly stress-free. I kept finding myself grumbling, "Why does this shot cut off when it does? It would've made so much sense to keep it going for a few more seconds. Whose idea was it to turn off the camera right then?"

Well, mine, actually. *rolls eyes* I look forward to the time when I can just edit other people's stuff, without having to produce, write, direct and shoot too.

At least it was quiet most of the time, as the freshmen and first-year grads seem to be doing their editing later at night. So it was pretty much just me and my new best friends, the Steenbecks.

The ones at school don't have the second monitor on the right, but everything else seems to be the same. A far cry from Avid and Final Cut Pro, huh?

Anyway, my goal for tomorrow is to fine-tune the footage so I can lock picture, and then think about transferring sound to mag stock. Oh, the joys of analog. *rolls eyes*

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Ooo - shiny, with lots of knobs!!! This looks very cool. I spent my weekend with drill bits and screwdrivers. And lots of sweat.

Yeah, isn't it? I was really bummed at first to find we'd have to start with these instead of digital, but the flatbed has really grown on me.

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