Coming Out of Left Field

Monday, October 24, 2005

E-mail emendation

Alternate title for this post: "Better late than never."

Recently I've been very frustrated with my e-mail. I like the site in general (I try to visit the click-for-charity sites every day), and it's good that the ad revenue generated by people's visits goes to good causes. However, the e-mail portion of has been driving me crazy. A site outage every so often I can understand, but slow loading times on a cable modem? Repeated errors every time I try to read or delete a message aren't fun either.

So as of today I'm making the switch to Gmail. The old addy will still be operational for a while, since it'll take me a bit to update my account info everywhere (forums, Amazon, etc.). But hopefully the Gmail address will become my main one very quickly.


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