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Monday, October 03, 2005

Film is shot ...

... and so am I. *thud*

Both the wife and I managed to survive yesterday's shoot, despite several factors that would make anyone tear her hair out:

-- the shaky nerves of the director, who had not touched a 16mm camera in almost a year

-- the sheer time it takes to load a roll of film into a camera, partially of said shaky nerves

-- the absence of a fellow student, who had committed to help but encountered transportation issues

-- the lack of natural light in the room

-- the lack of space (aka overabundance of immovable furniture) in the room

-- the lack of brains on the part of the director, who wrote a script requiring shot after shot after shot, instead of something that could be done in a few takes

The wife, who graciously agreed to act as well as schlep equipment back to the school, was very patient throughout the whole process. (I owe her a huge birthday present.) As for me, I've learned again that when it comes to 16mm, simpler is better. I've already come up with my next project: "Apartment", modeled on a film by Andy Warhol. Too bad we're supposed to do dialogue films in Production II.

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