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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Happy National Coming Out Day!

Today is a day for GLBT folk to be out and proud, and for their straight allies to be right there with them.

This being an all-work no-school day, I probably won't get to leave the house. So I'll do my celebrating here and share links to two Boston Globe columns that get at the true definition of marriage -- no matter who's doing the marrying:

"From the other side of the altar, this is the best advice I can offer gay couples harangued by demands for wedding cake: Unplug the phone. Don't worry about politics, parties, or pressure. When it comes to marriage, the only two voices that matter are the ones that may – or may not – say 'I do.'"

The ring thing (David Valdes Greenwood)

"Maybe we Northamptonites are simply traditional, prescribing the same square things: Respect the laws, especially those minted in Massachusetts. Stand by your man or woman. Elect marriage, and leave the open ones to the wacky heterosexuals."

Square like me (Elinor Lipman)

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