Coming Out of Left Field

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

How out are you? (quiz)

HRC sent me a little quiz in honor of National Coming Out Day. According to them, I am waaaaay out there:

"You're so out, you could actually be the fifth Golden Girl.

You're so out that the cosmonauts on Mir have phoned home, they can see you from space, and they know that you're OUT. You can play a great role by inspiring and encouraging others to follow your lead! TALK ABOUT IT!"

I'm a little dubious about the Golden Girl reference (weren't all those characters straight?), but the quiz otherwise got it right. Most of my life I had no idea I was even in the damn closet, let alone hiding there, but my friends knew better. Now that I'm clued in, I'm never going back.

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Thanks. Happy anniversary to you, too.

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