Coming Out of Left Field

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Lost: My memory. If found, please notify me at ... er ...

Further proof, as if it was needed, that I can be such a forgetful dork sometimes: last night my wife and I were chatting about my dad, and she asked how old he was. I started calculating out loud, "Well, he was born in 19xx, so he doesn't turn xx until Octo -- ber ..."

There followed a short pause while the gears in my brain belatedly started turning. Then I said, "Oh, shit!" and ran to the phone. Fortunately I got hold of him, and was able to wish him happy birthday on the right day. My dad took it in good humor; he said my brother had forgotten too, and he himself knew it was his birthday, so it was OK. Still, I'll have to do a better job with birthday dates in the future. Maybe my Palm Pilot would help, if I ever remembered to use it.


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