Coming Out of Left Field

Saturday, October 22, 2005

One hurdle down, one to go

Picture is locked -- hooray! *does a brief jig* It took another few hours and a lot of back-and-forth (on the Steenbeck and in my head) before I got things settled, but I think the final cut is OK. I even got a little creative a couple of times, by sheer accident. Made me think that the editing thing might work out after all.

Now I can spend next week on the soundtrack. I'd thought maybe I could even do some sound transferring yesterday, but by the time I finished it was too late to start, so I just went through the sound effects catalogs and made some notes on which ones I want to try out. I started to see why those CD collections are so expensive. The catalogs have pages upon pages of different sounds: car horns, dog barks, water drips, gunshots, you name it, they probably have it. The most bizarre one: camel grunts. Yes, camel grunts. How anyone even knows what the definitive camel grunt sounds like (let alone record one) is a complete mystery. Too bad my film is set in a house instead of the Gobi Desert.

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