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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Playoff pickle

After the Red Sox lost, the wife and I hadn't been planning to watch more baseball. But we turned on the TV last night to look for "Diagnosis Murder" and ended up watching some of the Yankees-Angels game instead. For once, we had good timing, tuning in just before the Sheffield-Crosby collision that gave Kennedy a triple and the Angels the lead.

As satisfying as it was to have the Yankees kicked out of the playoffs, it now leaves me with a dilemma: who do I cheer for now? The Angels, who beat the Yankees and have Orlando Cabrera (one of my faves last year) at shortstop? Or the White Sox, a club that has a shot at breaking its own "curse"?

Whatever happens, I'll probably root for the AL winner in the World Series. The only NL team I root for is the Pirates, which at one time was a pretty good ballclub. But given Pittsburgh's recent record (their last five finishes in the division: 6th, 4th, 4th, 5th and 6th), I won't have to worry about divided loyalties anytime soon.

Update: while talking to the wife the other day, I realized that the White Sox also have a former Boston player -- knucklehead Carl Everett, who doesn't believe in dinosaurs, same-sex marriage or the separation of church and state. And as far as baseball is concerned, he's a talented hitter but also a disruptive hothead. No, one player isn't enough to make me root against a team, but in the absence of any compelling reason to cheer for the White Sox, this is enough to tip the scales. Go Angels!

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Astros all the way!!!



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