Coming Out of Left Field

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Slicing and splicing

I went to school yesterday and took my first crack at editing my footage, looking at all the takes, choosing the good ones, and putting everything in order. It helped that I'd done a paper cut the day before, so I was able to go down the list and say, "OK, I need shots G1, F10 and D5 from roll #2, shot A2 from roll #4" and so on. Next week will come the tricky part -- trimming all the shots down so that they are just the right length and connect properly from one bit to the other.

I was a little dismayed when I checked out (after about 4 hours there), and the guy at the desk said, "You've been here all this time?" Though with 30+ shots to assemble, I guess I shouldn't be that embarassed. Can't wait to go digital, though!

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