Coming Out of Left Field

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

TV Tuesday

Watched a few hours of TV last night, which I thought was bad until I realized the Red Sox-White Sox game would have been longer than all the shows combined, and probably much more painful.

Gilmore Girls ("Always a Godmother, Never a God"): Hyper monologues as usual, but not much there dramatically speaking. Seems like the writers are milking the Lorelai/Rory fight for all they can get. It works for now, but I hope they resolve it soon so that the wedding plans don't stay in limbo for the whole season.

Boston Legal ("Schadenfreude"): Dramatic, funny and extremely sharp in the scenes concerning Shore's defense of Kelly Nolan. The parts with Rupert Everett (whom I didn't recognize until my wife pointed him out) were good too. The whole thing with Bauer and her ex-husband was stupid all around, especially after she handed the case over to the two associates. I think Garrett's idea is going to backfire, big-time.

Commander in Chief ("First Choice"): After two episodes, I've learned that Mackenzie Allen is smart, capable, determined ... and very, very dull. There's no wit, no quirkiness, nothing to make Allen a human being worth caring about. The other characters are equally blah, and the storylines either fall into the category of "Good Independent President Fights the Bad, Conniving Politicians" or "First Family Learns How to Deal with Living in the White House". The writers need to take a cue from "The West Wing" and administer some humor and nuance, stat. And enough with the Hillary Clinton jokes already!


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