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Monday, October 24, 2005

The West Wing: "Here Today"

Adios, Toby. Poor guy. :( Yes, I know he breached security, and he wasn't always the most pleasant character, but I can't help feeling sorry for him anyway. (And I feel sorry for the actor, to be written out of the show in such a manner.) On the other hand, the president has every right to be angry. I think he was actually rather restrained under the circumstances. Maybe if the White House counsel hadn't been there, Jed would've unleashed some of his temper instead of being coldly dismissive.

Overall, I felt like this episode was less well integrated than some of the others. The campaign and assassination plotlines seemed to be stuck in between the leaker scenes just because things needed to keep moving. The campaign scenes also looked like they were shot with the conventional master/two-shot/close-up setup, instead of the isolationist (for lack of a better word) style of the rest of the show. Speaking of which, there were lots of odd angles in this episode -- dead-on profile shots, a shot of one person talking to someone who's only seen in reflection, etc. The good thing is that these were done consistently and on purpose, and for the most part they worked. I'm glad not every episode is shot like that, though.

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