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Monday, October 10, 2005

The West Wing: "Message of the Week"

"Message" of this week: Vinick wants to win, and will give up some of his integrity in order to do so.

This episode presented a different and much less likable side to Vinick's character. He made such a big deal out of not going negative and complained about Santos' Reserve duty being a stunt, then initiated a whole week of stunts whose sole purpose was to discredit Santos as a Latino candidate. Plus, he outright lied to a lobbyist, then defended his lie on the grounds that the lobbyist lied himself. At the end of the episode Vinick had regained some points in the polls, but he sure lost some points with me, and maybe with his conscience too.

Overall a solid episode, straightforward in scripting and execution, though with less of the usual rapidfire dialogue and wit, probably because Josh and Louise didn't get to say that much.

Other notes:

-- At one point, my wife asked, "Where's Leo?" Good question. Shouldn't he be out campaigning somewhere? Or if not, back in HQ monitoring the situation?

-- Vinick did most of the zigging and zagging, but Santos did have one Kerryesque moment ("I voted for the bill before I voted against it").

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