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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The West Wing: "The Mommy Problem"

Yay, West Wing! I'm happy now. :)

I was still dead-tired by the shoot when I watched this episode, so I have only scattered comments:

-- I hope Janeane Garofalo sticks around for most or all of the season. Her character and Josh are both extremely smart, verbal and confident; it'll be fun to watch those two fight.

-- Very funny scene in the elevator. I don't know about Josh, but Santos had me fooled (until he started talking about long walks on the beach).

-- After last season, I was convinced Toby was the leaker. Now I'm not so sure.

-- The circling camera was back in a few scenes, which I hate even when my brain is firing on all cylinders.

-- Vinick was present as an offscreen threat, but we didn't see enough of Alan Alda. Sounds like he'll be a big part of next week's episode, though.

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