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Friday, October 21, 2005

What, he couldn't find a Post-It? (stupid criminal quote)

"It wasn't a huge forensic undertaking ... we just put it under a light."

Steven Moran, director of public safety in Bensalem, PA, referring to the arrest of Michael Drennon for bank robbery. The search for Drennon was greatly simplified by the fact that Drennon had allegedly written his demands on a pay stub with his name and address (even though he had crossed the info out with a marker first).

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As odd as this may seem, you would be surprised how many crimes have been solved this way. The bad guy dropping his wallet at the scene. Using a credit card to pay for something that he uses in the crime, and then leaves on the scene.

Criminals are not always the smartest.

But then there is the flip side to the coin. Sometimes, the press is calling for someone to be arrested for a crime, and they want blood. So the investigator decides that the name that was on the check stub, is as good as any, and arrests the guy. With no other evidence, he is tried and sent to jail, and a crime is solved.

Then later DNA or something that they did not bother with clears the name of the guy that has been in Jial.

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