Coming Out of Left Field

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


My film footage finally came back from the lab. I had hoped to get it last Friday, but when I checked the drop-off locker, it was nowhere to be found. In a way this was good, because I knew that between the lab's schedule (which only does drop-offs Monday through Thursday) and the holiday, I wouldn't be able to see anything until today at the earliest. So I was able to push it out of my mind and enjoy the weekend, which included seeing the new "Wallace and Gromit" movie. The wife and I give it two thumbs-up -- very entertaining, and a lot better-made than most of the schlock out there.

As for my film, the footage turned out mostly OK, although I'm sure cinematography is not in my future (too many shadows in some spots, not enough focus in others). I only had a couple of hours, so I just watched the workprint on the Steenbeck and split it back into the original six rolls, to make it easier to find shots. Friday I'll start editing, which will be either lots of fun or a chaotic mess. Possibly both.

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