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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Silly spells

Came across a fun time-waster yesterday, courtesy of phoenixx on Easily Addictive:

Seventh Sanctum -- "tools for writers, gamers, and artists; randomly assembling names, concepts, and more for when you need inspiration, or just a bit of amusement."

I played around with the Grimoire of Questionable Spells generator, and got a list of invocations straight out of Pratchett:

Amazing Curse of Vinegar
Bolt of Nymphomania
Concealment from Yarn Devil
Create Warts in Lounge Singers
Dark Wall of Tinsel
Destroy Accountant
Detergent Puddle
Divine Sausage Storm
Foot Odor Disc
Heal Baldness
Invoke Arrogance
Sorcerous Cotton Assault
Tickle Haberdasher
Unbelievable Pool of Stomach Upset
Wall of Back Pain

The eighth spell on the list reminds me of "Cut Me Own Throat" Dibbler. So does the next to last one, come to think of it.


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