Coming Out of Left Field

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Weekend wrapup

A scattered and overdue summary of last weekend's activities:

-- The wife and I did some rug shopping last Saturday, and thus had firsthand experience with the first snowfall of the season. On the way back, we kept singing "I'm dreaming of a white Halloween" and other variants.

-- Sunday night we watched "The West Wing" (a great episode, with both candidates trying to walk a thin line between speaking one's mind and alienating voters) and did some pumpkin carving.

-- Monday I spent all day at school and finally finished my film. No word yet from the professor on a grade, so I can do nothing but wait (and wear holes in the new rugs). Then that night Rogue Slayer and her wife came over for Thai food and a movie, the fabulous and hilarious "Young Frankenstein". We were periodically interrupted by trick-or-treaters, but still had more than enough candy left over. Good thing there's a "Chocolate Decadence" Swingtime dance on Saturday!

The rest of the week has been spent dealing with the backlog from work and other stuff. With this post, I am officially caught up. :)

Update: Right after I posted this, I got a whole bunch of work dumped on me. That'll teach me to say stuff out loud.


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