Coming Out of Left Field

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Baby steps

The academic limbo got cleared up yesterday, and after some discussion with the wife, I decided to go ahead and register for Digital Editing next semester. We agreed that no matter what happened with work, the pregnancy thing, etc. it would be stupid for me to leave school without taking a class in the one subject I'm really interested in. The class that still had seats meets just once a week from 6 to 9 p.m., so it wouldn't interfere with interviews or a job. The only sad thing is that it means a little less time with the wife, but she told me we'd manage. (My getting to telecommute has really spoiled us in that department.)

I also got the resume in shape, and have started looking for positions. I applied at a website I worked for five years ago, but haven't heard anything yet. The agent at my contracting agency is also looking, though at this point I would prefer something permanent (or as close to that as jobs get nowadays). The manager at my current assignment did tell me that if work picked up again, they'd be happy to have me back. I'll leave it to the agent to inform him that the feeling isn't mutual.


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