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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Decisions, decisions

Just heard back (finally) from my Film Production I professor with his evaluation. Short version is, he liked the editing and lighting, but found the sound and focus lacking. However, my overall grade in the class is still good enough for me to proceed to Film Production II should I wish.

Naturally, life has gotten more complicated in the three weeks since I submitted the film. Since the big issue will probably involve lots of time and money in the near future (and most certainly in the 18-odd years after that, too, assuming what we try works), the question is whether I should jump right back into a program that also involves lots of time and money.

At least the spring semester doesn't start for five weeks. That leaves a little time before making any decisions, and knowing me I will need every last bit of it.

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Congratulations! And do it now - if you put it off and the big plans come through, you might not get back to it for 14-18 years. Would you rather be a role model of someone who pursued their dreams or of someone who spent a decade or more wishing they coulda shoulda woulda?

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