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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dreaming and blogging

I used to call this weblog "A Geeky Goof", a self-description that seems to hold true even when I'm asleep. Last night I dreamed that I worked the morning from home, and was planning to go to the Boston office in the afternoon. (Never mind that the office isn't in Boston anymore.) For some unknown reason, I took my own sweet time about it, not getting downtown until 4:15. Also for some unknown reason, I was wearing shoes but no socks, even though I was holding a pair of socks in one hand.

So I wandered into one store that looked like it might have socks for sale. There was one guy right at the front of the store, who told me to come back to this one register for a quick checkout, even though it was really supposed to be only for tobacco sales between 4 and 8 p.m. I then went a little further into the store, and approached a saleswoman who was shelving stock. She turned, took one look at me, and immediately directed me to the socks.

As I went over to that section, I wondered how she knew exactly what I was looking for. Then I realized, and had a good laugh. I started imagining -- still in the dream -- how I would blog the conversation. Would I try to reproduce the dialogue? Would I link to a previous entry about a HP-related "Duh" moment"?

Then I woke up and laughed for real (and cracked up my wife when I told her). It wasn't quite as hilarious as Rogue Slayer's heart transplant dream, but totally in character for me.


I dreamed last night that I had this cool red wagon that could also work in the water, and had a hidden motor for aquatic maneuvering, and was also fitted with a GPS and preset routines. I was using it to transport laundry, but after I'd take the folded clothes out of it, I'd turn around and when I turned back it would be gone and I'd have to run back over to the dock from which it had launched. One time when I got to the dock this little kid had dragged it out of the water and was preparing to haul it away. I managed to convince his mother that it really was my wagon, but then I noticed that the kid had dragged and bumped it, and it was broken and leaking water. I was quite upset. The Girl thought it was the funniest thing in the world when I told her about it this morning!

Too funny!

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