Coming Out of Left Field

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Great. Just frickin' great.

Just got an e-mail from school informing me that due to low enrollment, the Digital Editing class for next semester has been cancelled. Also, when I logged into my student account to double-check something, and found a late fee had been added to my balance. A late fee? When I only registered last week? When I haven't even received an invoice yet?!

I was briefly tempted to chuck the whole thing, but I decided to sign up for Sound Design instead. At least it meets on the same day and time, so I won't have to adjust my schedule. And since I want to editing for my thesis, I would probably have to take it at some point anyway. Naturally I've already ordered the textbook for the other class, and since it qualified for fast and free shipping, it's already en route.

Hear that noise? That's my bank account, saying, "Ouch!"

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