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Monday, December 12, 2005

The West Wing: "The Wedding"

Aaaah. That's more like it.

This was what I think of as the consummate West Wing episode: fast, funny, dramatic, and unpredictable. Kudos to writer Josh Singer and director Max Mayer for smoothly mixing together all the different storylines, and for ratcheting up the tension while staying true to the characters. I thought the question of Josh was handled particularly well; up to the very end I wasn't sure whether he would still have a job or not.

I thought the other plots were handled very well too. I was glad to see that even though it's front and central in the title, the wedding didn't dominate the entire episode, but was one of many things Bartlet had to juggle. (I wasn't particularly looking forward to a West Wing wedding special.) The idea of Kate asking Will out still doesn't ring true to me, but since Singer and Mayer didn't come up with that idea, I can't blame them for lack of believability. (Plus, it was kind of funny.)

The only bad thing about such an excellent episode? It makes it hard to wait for a new one -- especially when the next three episodes are repeats. Grrrrrrrrrrr ...

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