Coming Out of Left Field

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Brain dump

Some scattered thoughts while I wait for the content management system at work to let me do something with my content ...

-- Damn, Pats are out (and, sadly, deserved to be). So, when does spring training start?

-- Saw Deborah Henson-Conant in concert last Sunday, and had to completely my perception of harpists. Funny stories, a killer voice and an energetic mix of Latin, jazz and other music will do that to you.

-- Caught the new West Wing that night. It was decent, with some nice stuff between CJ and Danny, but not one of my more favorite episodes. And the CA nuclear incident just yells "cheap ratings stunt", though if they draw parallels to Katrina it might be interesting.

-- Saw the latest Harry Potter movie on Monday -- great fun. I did miss the whole bugging subplot (its omission shrunk Hermione's role a bit), but no major goofs.

-- The baby-making process, I've decided, is good prep for baby-raising, particularly the sleep deprivation part.

-- "We can't do anything about it" is never what you want to hear from a tech person. This is particularly true when the "it" is a publishing system that isn't actually publishing, and even more true when you have deadlines to meet.


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