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Monday, January 30, 2006

Bueller? Bueller?

Today was a school day, so I double-checked the contents of my backpack before I left the house:

Textbook -- check.
Notebook -- check.
Folder with syllabus and homework assignment -- check.
Writing implements -- check.
"Barton Fink" and "Raising Arizona", to return to the library -- check.

I remembered all these, but forgot to put "instructor" on the list. When I got down to school, he was nowhere to be found, and there was a "class cancelled" note on the wall. It would've been nice to have known that before I made the 1 1/2-hour trek to school, but it does mean I got to see the wife earlier. I just hope the instructor doesn't make a habit of this. A textbook, I can always resell. A class, not so much.

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