Coming Out of Left Field

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Impending interview

I have an interview tomorrow. The thought uppermost in my mind right now: "Ulp."

All day I've been reminding myself that I'm not walking into a completely new situation. Not only did I use to work at this company, but I've been doing some training in another department for some fill-in work. So if I happened to get hired, I wouldn't take as long to get up to speed on the publishing system. The position itself would involve creating and updating interesting content, unlike my last job. (When was the last time anyone actually read a fund prospectus?) And even if this doesn't go well, I'll probably still have the contract work to tide me over for a bit.

Hopefully I'll remember all this when I wake up at 3 a.m. and the nerves kick in. Ulp.


Good luck, we are all pulling for you. If you need some graphics to beat a deadline or something, let me know.

Thanks, I appreciate it. :) I think it went OK -- the interviewer gave me a homework assignment, which is a good sign.

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