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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tuesday TV

While waiting for "Boston Legal" to start last night, the wife and I caught the last several minutes of "Commander in Chief", which was several minutes too long for us. It's not just that I want Geena Davis to be a female version of Jed Bartlet (I'd settle for her being an individual, period). It's more that the show is so damn obvious, from the storylines to the flat characters to the cinematography. (Would someone tell the DP we know the show takes place in the White House, so he doesn't have to show the presidential seal every chance he gets?) And the music is ubiquitous, annoying and in most cases completely unnecessary. Any show that doesn't trust viewers to get it won't get my trust anytime soon.

Luckily, "Boston Legal" was on right after that, and was worth every minute. It's bad for Michael J. Fox's character that the guy suing him wouldn't settle, but it's good for fans of Fox. I also look forward to seeing how Allan Shore is going to approach the defense of Jerry (aka "Hands"). Maybe Shore's willingness to speak the truth is why he's not a partner.

I got home too late for "Gilmore Girls", but the wife informed me I didn't miss much. Her exact words: "It was like The L Word", in that both were catch-up/filler episodes. Otherwise they're not much alike, though blending the two would open up some interesting -- if bizarre -- possibilities. Crossover, anyone? :D


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