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Monday, January 09, 2006

The West Wing: "Running Mates"

Thanks to all the stuff that's going on lately, my brain hasn't been firing on all cylinders, but the wife and I still managed to enjoy last night's episode, and not just because it was the first new one in a month. There was some nice witty dialogue, and the main plot was handled pretty well. I liked the interplay between Josh, Louise and the rest of the staff as they tried to salvage Leo's chances in the debate. I did want Leo to go in and blow his opponent away with a kick-butt speech (ala Santos), but it was probably more realistic that he didn't.

I was less taken with the privacy subplot. This must've cropped up as soon as Santos won the nomination, so why hasn't the issue appeared until now? Does he really not have a clue about what has been going on at home? I also find it hard to believe that at this stage Helen Santos hasn't thought about her role in a Santos White House. Seems out of character for someone that smart.

Other comments:
-- The jump cuts at the beginning had me worried. Thank heaven the DP used them for a specific purpose (Leo's starts and stops), rather than as a stylistic choice for the whole episode.
-- The Kate/Will thing is still weird. But I'm starting to see how it could work. Who knew Harper could flirt?
-- Nice exchange between Josh and Toby. It'll be sad when Toby is gone for good, and we won't have that dynamic anymore.
-- It's also very, very sad watching Leo. :(
-- Hope next week's episode isn't all sex scandal. The tabloid thing was tacky and gratuitous enough.

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