Coming Out of Left Field

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Lazy holiday

There's something to be said for long weekends, especially when you can spend them with your sweetie. The wife and I took advantage of this one to mark Valentine's Day. To make up for the celebration coming so late, we took a little getaway to Concord -- far enough so that we felt we were on vacation, close enough that it didn't take hours and hours to get there. Overall, we liked the B&B we stayed at, the Hawthorne Inn, particularly the helpfulness of the hosts, the interesting art collection and the cute kitty we got to cuddle with. The weekend also included:

-- good food (nice lamb kebab at the Walden Grill, homemade muffins at the B&B)
-- a *very* quick sojourn to the Old North Bridge, cut short by the cold
-- a longer visit to the Concord Library, where my wife and a co-worker got some children's books and I got an Internet fix
-- lots of reading and relaxing

We were still in vacation mode when we got home yesterday -- at least, until we realized we had a sinkful of dirty dishes and two loads of laundry to deal with. Where's Bunter when you need him? *sigh*


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