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Monday, February 27, 2006

TV roundup

Random thoughts on recent watching (practice for an upcoming project):

Numb3rs - I liked "The Running Man" a lot -- good balance of mystery and personal stuff. I even understood the basic concepts of the math, which is fairly rare. "Bones of Contention" (a repeat) didn't work as well for me. It felt like the writers decided on the family angle part, then tried to craft a crime to fit. Unfortunately, the plot got all tangled up in explanations of archaeological theory and Native American tribal rights -- so much so that it forgot to explain exactly why the culprit acted as s/he did. Also, the math seemed somewhat beside the point.

General note: my brother and I talked about this show recently. He said he'd watched it a couple of times, but thought it was too predictable (the bad guy always gets caught, unlike on "Law and Order"). He also said it made geeks look too cool. Being a geek myself, I don't mind.

Boston Legal - "Breast in Show" was quite good. Loved the bit when Garrett storms into his former office (now occupied by Catherine Piper) and tries to take it back:

Garrett reels off all of his academic/legal qualifications. A pause. Then Catherine speaks.

Catherine: I killed a man.

Garrett, absolutely defeated, turns around and leaves the office.

I also liked "Smile", which was quite powerful (I want to send tapes to all the anti-abortion activists). "Live Big" was well-done, but more serious than most episodes. There was a nice bit with Allan and Denny at the end. Even if I hadn't seen next week's preview (which seems to imply Denny gets caught cheating), I'm sure the show won't let Denny's marriage get in the way of that relationship.


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