Coming Out of Left Field

Friday, February 17, 2006

You are now free to move about the afterlife

I was browsing the Museum of Science's website just now as research for a job application, and came across a fun game that's part of their virtual Egyptian exhibit:

You pick your tomb, method of mummification, mummy case, and "eternity extras" like statuettes ("These adorable little tchotchkes will brighten up even the darkest tomb") and a cosmetic and haircare kit ("Eye paint and pigment in three fashion colors: Mad for Malachite, Galena Goddess, and Oh So Ochre"). Meanwhile, you have to stay within your budget of 3300 debens without leaving too many left over, since they're non-transferable and not legal tender in the afterlife.

At the end, the agency appraises your choices, and tells you if your journey to the afterlife will be successful or not. The funnier assessments come when you've made the absolutely wrong choices, i.e. the cheapest ones: "While they are well-intentioned, apprentice embalmers have been known to make clumsy mistakes. (Remember that story a while back? About the headless mummy? Just between us: that wasn't an urban myth.)"

It could be just me, but I think someone had a blast coming up with the game. I certainly had fun playing it!


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