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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Boston Legal: "...There's Fire!"

This was a fun episode, even if the sexual innuendos were more over-the-top than usual. (I really would have gone quite happily to the grave without seeing Denny Chase and his new bride bumping and grinding, or even imagining the size of Brad Chase's cojones.) Denny's actions -- proceeding quickly from marriage through adultery, legal action, and annulment -- were infuriating and absurd, just like him. I like, though, that the show allows him moments of seriousness, even if it's only to justify why he's acting so outrageously.

The wife and I were wondering how such a character could have become such good friends with Allan Shore, who is considerably more restrained (except when he's fighting for his clients). Then we realized that neither of them gives a fig for what other people think. That makes them stand out from the other characters, especially Paul, who do things by the book. Interesting thing, though: Brad is often touted as a honest, hard-working golden boy, yet he's done some questionable stuff himself. Say what you can about Allan's unscrupulous tactics, he's never threatened a priest with an axe or tried to bribe someone to call off a marriage.

Other notes:
-- Allan's deadpan served him particularly well this episode. I loved his nonchalant response when Shirley started to ask him a favor: "You want to have sex with me. Let me take off my coat."

-- Also loved Denny's and Allan's scene at the beginning. Hey, Denny, the show's in Massachusetts. You *can* marry Allan if you want!

-- From next week's preview: Um, Paul? If you're trying to win back your daughter's trust, the last thing you want to do is have someone pose as a recovering drug addict so he can spy on her.

-- Neither of the associates were in the opening credits. Maybe it's just because they weren't in the episode, though now that I think about it I can't remember the last time I saw Ryan Michelle Bathe's character.

-- While trying to figure out if the associates were still in the cast, I stumbled across the Crane, Poole & Schmidt "confidential files". If you want a few laughs, go to the official Boston Legal site and click the "Submit" button under Partner Login on the left.


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