Coming Out of Left Field

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Back when I was telecommuting, I used to have a little gadget that would generate passcodes for logging into the network. The gadget (or "fob") was picked up three months ago, along with the rest of the telecommuting setup, when my contract was terminated. Even if I could've kept it, it wouldn't have made sense to -- what was I going to use it for? -- and I probably would've lost it anyway.

I haven't thought about fobs since, until today. I was just coming back from grabbing some lunch, and found a package leaning against the front door. When I took it inside and opened it, I found a small padded envelope containing another fob, and a print-out of an e-mail to my old work address that started with, "This message is to notify you about the replacement of your blah blah blah ..." and gave me instructions on how to activate the new fob.

I immediately called the service desk, and got someone who was as perplexed about this as I was. She advised me to return the fob to tech services with a note, which I just wrote and printed out, ready to drop in the mail tomorrow. I'm also tempted to write an angry letter to the person who forwarded me the fob in the first place -- my former supervisor, who of all people should know damn well I don't need access to the company network.

But I won't. I'm glad I'm out of there, if only because I don't want to work for anyone who's that clueless.


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